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A digital detox is a period of time when a person voluntarily refrains from using digital devices such as
smart-phones, computers, and social media platforms.

Motivations to start a digital detox include;
Concern about developing addictive behavior that some identify as an Internet addiction disorder.
Aiming to reduce stress and anxiety caused by the over-use of technology.
Re-focusing offline social interactions and actions.
Re-connecting with nature.
Increasing mindfulness.
Improving one’s learning ability by decreasing distractions and eliminating multitasking.

Here are some effective ways to do a digital detox:
Log out of social networks: Staying logged in can lead to constant notifications and interruptions. Log
out of your social media apps and turn off notifications to help you stick with your detox.
Put your electronic devices out of reach: Keep your phone, tablet, or laptop away from you during
your detox. The adage “out of sight, out of mind” applies here. Consider asking a family member or
friend to hold onto your device for you during this time.
Choose the right time for your detox: Avoid peak work hours or important responsibilities. Opt for
weekends, school breaks, or holidays when you’re less likely to receive critical messages.
Take breaks away from screens: Schedule time throughout the day to step away from screens.
Whether it’s a short walk, stretching, or just looking out the window, these breaks can help reduce
digital overload.
Mute notifications: Turn off alerts and notifications to prevent constant interruptions from your
Spend more time in nature: Disconnect from screens by spending time outdoors. Nature can have a
calming effect and help you recharge.
Read a book during dead times: Instead of reaching for your phone during downtime, pick up a book.
Reading can be a great way to relax and escape from digital distractions.

Fun activities to do during a digital detox.
Activities for the mind
Listen to a calming music playlist
Play a game of chess
Journal your thoughts, your mood and 3 things you are grateful for
Go on a guided meditation walk
Have a deep meaningful conversation with yourself
Do breath work
Create a list of affirmations
Write a letter to your future self
Just sit and do nothing

Activities for the body
Stretch your body
Do a home workout or go on a run
Go on a walk and breathe in the fresh air
Join a yoga or pilates class
Tackle some chores (housework is exercise right)
Have a long hot bubble bath with a glass of wine
Pamper yourself – nails, hair, skin, feet, face, the lot
Take a guilt-free trip to McDonald’s (or to your fave restaurant)
Put on some cheesy 90s music and have a dance party
Take a nap

Activities for the soul
Bake a cake or some gooey chocolate brownies
Scrapbook your old pictures and reminisce
Buy yourself some flowers and spend the afternoon arranging them
Sing in the shower
De-clutter your home – always start with the wardrobe
Colour code your bookshelf
Do some water-colour painting or illustrations
Create a bucket list – be adventurous with it
Read a book you are actually interested in
Laugh out loud for 2-3mins (5 is even better)

By stepping away from technology, you can engage in offline activities and mindfulness. This can lead
to improved well-being, better relationships, and reduced stress.

Remember, a digital detox doesn’t mean completely unplugging; it’s about finding a healthy balance.
Choose the strategies that work best for you and enjoy the benefits of disconnecting from
technology.Keep track of all the things you want to do during your detox by putting together an
activity worksheet.

Use this worksheet to write down everything you want to read, watch, do,etc and
tick of as you go.


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