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Nyachwo Elizabeth

I thank God for you each day, for you helped me out of an abusive marriage..the going is tough, a few relapses here and there, thank God I still stand up and fight..thank you for being part of my healing journey..I am blessed to have you Rita..God keep and Bless

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Lisa Charity Nabuchabo

Being present for the safe space was very memorable for me. I got to share and listen to women I had never met before but admired deeply at the end of it all. Talking about mental health in a space that welcomes vulnerability, free of judgement is something everyone should

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Frauen Initiative Uganda

Heart To Heart Spaces is catering to mental health needs, building a sense of community where we feel obligated to one another in meeting everyone’s mental health needs. They are doing a good job at destroying stigma around mental health. We’re thankful for the monetary help they have offered towards

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